Thursday, August 12, 2010

A Case of Mistaken Identity, or Mumsie puts her foot in it again!

Thank you very much for your comments on my previous post.

I have had walls knocked down before in three of my previous homes, so I know just what I'm letting myself in for. (eek!) Baldrick would say, I have a cunning plan.

1. Take as much stuff as possible out of the kitchen and dining room.

2. Make sure the builders only use the back gate/back door.

3. Use broad masking tape to seal the dining room door that opens into the hall.

4. Go up to stay with my son 200 miles away whilst it's being done!'s my funny story about mistaken identity...........

A few years ago, my Uncle Des died. This story took place at his funeral.

He was a lovely man, Mumsie thought the world of him.

He had married Mum's eldest sister just after the War and because of the housing shortage at the time, they had all lived together at my Nanna's house.

He was like an extra big brother to Mum and he would pick her up from dances and vet her boyfriends.

He had a great sense of humour and would always make us laugh at family get-togethers with his impersonations of Norman Wisdom.

Obviously, Mumsie wanted to attend his funeral. Daddio was ill and I was at work, so my sister Mandy went with her.

When everyone spilled out of the crematorium, Mum went over to speak to Uncle Des's mum, Granny Hughes.

GRANNY HUGHES: Well how lovely to see you my dear - it's been years since we last met.

MUMSIE: Yes, I was just thinking that myself.

GRANNY HUGHES: Who's this then? (Looking at Mandy.)

MUMSIE: It's one of my daughters.

GRANNY HUGHES: You've certainly grown since I last saw you. But I DO remember that you were such a very pretty little girl.

MUMSIE: Oh, that can't possibly be this one - you must mean my OTHER daughter.

Totally crestfallen, Mandy dragged her away...........

MANDY: Well - thank you very much! You really know how to wound a girl, don't you!

It took Mumsie ten minutes to placate her and explain that the last time she'd seen Granny Hughes was in 1960, Mandy hadn't even been born, so therefore Granny must have been referring to me.

You certainly got out of that one, Mum!

And just to prove to you that Mandy WAS a very pretty little girl..............

Mandy will kill me when she sees this, but isn't she adorable? Blonde hair and beautiful brown eyes...........aaah!!!


Sandi said...

Hehe, how we say things sometimes without all the information attached and it leads to 'Mandyitis' I often say to my kids - 'you know what you mean but other peole might not so you have to explain yourself properly' Loving all your stories and hope your reno's go well, I think I would scarper as well.
Sandi xx

KC'sCourt! said...

Yes I think I would move out too!
Julie xxxxxx

winnibriggs said...

Hi Sue
My DH does a mean impersonation of Norman too! Bless you mum she gets herself into the same scrapes as I do. You know 'get brain into gear before opening mouth' type of scrapes!
Good Luck with the building (or was that un-building) work. Don't blame you for getting out of there.
Jenny x

Anonymous said...

Just a lesson on how words can wound!!
Have a Wonderful Day!

Pink Feather Paradise said...

My mum is always chatting to me about holidays I never went on... as I wasn't even born ... then she racks her brains for a holiday story with me in it and realises there aren't any and changes the subject..! lol

and they always told me to put my brain in gear before i put my mouth in motion! ;D

fingers crossed for your renovations... can't wait to see the big reveal... will Nick Knowles be attending? lol

x Alex