Tuesday, August 10, 2010

My Next Project.................

Here's a picture of one of my spare bedrooms.

Apart from the fact that it's now looking a little 'tired' - I am planning to completely change the use of this room.

You may remember I mentioned that I will be having the wall taken out between my dining room and kitchen.

This bedroom is directly above the dining room and the wall that's being removed is beneath the one where the headboard is now. It will be quite a job as it will need a RSJ (reinforced steel joist).

To allow for sorting out the electrics, the floorboards need to be lifted right where the bed is.(groan!)

I am taking this opportunity to change the use of this room to a work room for me, as I am hoping to get back to restoring my little 1950's dollies......................

I love making their little outfits!

I also collect 1940's Topsy dolls..............

and very occasionally, bears..........

As well as using it as a work room, I will also need to make space for a foldable single bed.

When my son and his family visit, they use my bedroom as it's a better size and there's room for the travel cot.

I don't need a double bed in here (unless I get lucky! ;O) so a single will be fine for me to use when they're visiting.

These wardrobes are opposite the bed, these will be moved from here.

See all these cases and boxes on top?

These are absolutely full of vintage dolls' clothes, hand knitted dolls' clothes, and the large white polystyrene box is crammed to to the top with vintage dolls' shoes!

There are also some large size coffee tins, these are excellent for storing other useful bits and bobs.
I cover them in pretty wrapping paper, here's some on the shelf in my bedroom..........

The work room will be light and airy, and there will be plenty of room for my desk and sewing machine. The room is approximately 3.2m x 3.5m, (10ft 4ins by 11ft.)

I've also got plenty of free standing bookcases that will hold all my fabrics. (These are currently stashed in another bedroom under my granddaughter's bed!)

I'll try to keep my camera handy, so that I can give you updates.

In the meantime....................

Can any of you dear bloggeroos tell me the best way to paint my vintage suitcases?

Next time, I have another funny story about my dear old Mumsie, so don't forget to pop back.

Dollytub Cottage


ted and bunny said...

I see you favour the "minimalist" look then? ;0))))
Its all gonna look lovely- you'll just need to get used to the taste of brickdust for a while!


Sandie's Patch said...

Oooer! Good luck darlin'!
You should see my spare room/craft/computer room/TIP!
I do like the old coffee tin makeover idea though...S**T! I gave away my wallpapers!!

Take care,

Sandie xx

KC'sCourt! said...

what lovely dollies.
I remember brickdust dinners, breakfast, hair, baths, I could go on and on.........never again!
Love the idea of the coffee tins, wished I had thought of it!
Julie xxxxxx

Nana Go-Go said...

That is so what I want to do with my `spare` room. I`ll be following closely!I think painting your suitcases might just ruin them. They`re lovely as they are. Good Luck with it all.

Anne aka La Vie en Rose said...

Oh dear, sounds like a lot of heavy lifting in store. Have you got some handy,strong, virile young lads living near by? Coz you might try to move a bed that has all the stuff from underneath it, on top of it! How I love your stories, they do make me laff.

Anonymous said...

Ooh a work room, lucky you:) I too dream of a work room one day. I know all about RSJ's I have been living in a building site for the last three years:( but I see light at the end of the tunnel:)
I love vintage dolls, I go for the freaky ones though, I have a couple of ventriloquist dummies, the kids love them. Can't wait to see your dolls.