Friday, August 27, 2010

You just can't help some people..................

Oh!................sometimes I feel just like giving up.

As you know, recently I have been giving out helpful(?) advice to some of my readers.

I thought I was doing the right thing.

You know me.........sunny disposition, never let the b******s grind me down.

I carry my optimism and cheerfulness like a banner before me.

Wherever I go people wave at me, they shout after me, "Aye up, Sue! Howya doin'?"

(Admittedly some also shout "Go home you loony!" and "Have you forgotten to take your medication today?")

On the whole, folks appreciate my help and positive outlook.

But, as my dear old Mumsie would say, "There's always one!"

The "one" in this case is a lady called Carrie. She recently sought my advice on the problem she was having with her lovelife, or lack thereof.

I've just come back from my weekly lunch with my BFF Carol, and listened to a rather nasty message from Carrie on my answer phone.

"Hello, Aunt Susie, you are a **@!?//**@!"

There was no need to use language like that!

I am not going to 'phone her back and get involved getting into a heated argument, so I will answer her here, if that's OK with you.

Dear Carrie Donnabitt,

All I tried to do was to give you a bit of advice on how to inject a bit of spice and variety in the bedroom, in an effort to rekindle the passion that was once existed between you and your husband.

Yes............I did suggest that you might nip down to B&Q and install a wardrobe rail between your ceiling and floorboards of your bedroom, so that you might entice your hubby by doing a bit of pole dancing for his delight....................

and ......Yes, I did suggest that you practice as much as possible before trying it out in front of him.

But.....................(and I have double checked the content of the email I sent you,)..................

never, at any time, did I suggest that you carried out your practice moves.................

........on the number 14 bus on your way home from work!

Therefore, I will NOT be coming round to the "Cop Shop" to explain.

Neither will I post your bail.

I'm sorry that your husband has left you, and gone to live with his Mum, but that's hardly my fault.

Still, look on the bright side...........I hear on the grapevine that the bus driver WAS impressed with your antics. I believe they can be very attentive lovers. So, you never know, you may thank me some day.

Your sincerely,
Aunt Susie

There are still many letters in my postbag, but......................

I throw these questions out to you, my dear bloggeroos..............

Shall I continue to use the benefit of my life's experiences to help others?

Should I allow this woman to stop me from answering my readers' problems?

Please leave me a comment on what you think.


Sandi said...

Noooooo, don't stop, some people just don't get it. Even a lemon wouldn't alter some people's sour puss mouths. Your advise is priceless :)
Have a wonderful day, Sandi xx

winnibriggs said...

Its almost worth hearing that there are sour pusses out there just to get the benefit of your response on line. Go girl. You cheer me up every time I read your blog. Don't change a just wouldn't be you.
Jenny x x

bad penny said...

Carry on - some people are hell bent on self destruction - let 'em get on with it & help the ones who take your advice !!!

By the way- my seventeen year old is throwing a party on Sunday...
WHAT DO I DO ???!!!

VintageWantsNotNeeds said...

You just can't help some people...HONESTLTY!!!!
You just carry on - as you say don't let the @!*%^*£ get you down!!

Autumn Mist said...

She should be grateful, you could have started her off on a whole new career.

vintage mum said...

carry on,I keep getting a vision of a pole dancer on the No 14 bus priceless :)

Glad you agree, keep our fairy cakes, might have to see about a patriotic something or other not sure what yet :) cate x

Pink Feather Paradise said...

Some people just don't have enough common sense to utilise your expert advice in a sensible manner... I would surely miss your insight and uplifting advice so please don't let this one incident ruin it for the rest of us ...

I am sure she'll be very proficcient at the old pole dancing by the time she gets out and she may well have changed her sexual preferences anyway! lol

x Alex