Saturday, August 14, 2010

My Name is Sue and I'm a Cherubholic.................

I've got a confession to make............

I LOVE CHERUBS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I can't remember when this obsession first started, although this particular brass one I've had since 1980.

I got it free for hostessing a Sales Party at my house.

It stands about 7 inches tall, and as you can see is an ideal place to plonk my jewellery on.

These two are made from pottery. I bought them for 20p in a charity shop about 10 years ago.

This photo frame came from a shopping centre in Ilfracombe in 1997

The two little cherubs IN the frame are my sons 1984, (sorry Lads!)

These were a real bargain. Made from pottery, they were in amongst the Christmas decorations in the Pound Shop in 2002. They stand about 5inches.

Obviously, they cost £1 - but they were in a box together, so that was the price for the pair!

Next, my eBay finds.................


I can't remember how much they cost - I bought them with my birthday money this year.

Here's an interesting one, made from pottery, but painted to look like brass and verdi-gris.

He stands about 10 inches. He cost £10 in one of the gift shops in Lincoln's tourist area.

I showed you these two a couple of weeks ago - they are fridge magnets and live on my cast iron bedroom fireplace.

and here's another £1 bargain - it holds a tea light

There's more, but many of my treasures are put away ready for the work that's planned for my dining room/kitchen building work.

Come on, then. I've told you mine...........what's your obsession?

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sitting oh so pretty said...

I love cherubs too!!! But my real obsession is wallpaper, cardigans and Mr Darcy. Well you did ask!!xxx

Serenata said...

My obsession? Just one? Nah, have too many to list! LOL

Love your cherubs...glad I'm not alone in the collecting madness :-)

Good thought...perhaps they ought to get living in sin for Sam and Violet!

Menopausal musing said...

Mine was Robbie Williams........ but it would appear he is now "taken" (she wrote, a tear running down her cheek slowly and plopping onto the keyboard).......

(I would have made him great cakes!........)

Claire@AreWeNearlyThereYet said...

I shall confirm your fears...yes, you do have a serious cherub collection there Mrs!

At the moment It seems I collect pets!!! Hee hee. x

Knittings Nice! said...

Hello Sue...thank you for stopping by my blog and your so kind offer, but the strange thing is I like her holey leg, seems to be part of her.

My obsessions erm not so many now...seems Grandchildren have taken over, so am totally obsessed with them. ttfn

KC'sCourt! said...

I love cherubs too! Most of mine are Christmas decorations so only see the light of day in December, I too have the Poundland ones also!
Julie xxxxxx

Pink Feather Paradise said...

I have way too many obsessions to list... but I am a bit of a magpie... so I am attracted to anything shiney... and sparkly! lol

fabulous collection of cherubs... if I see any I will think of you now! ;D

x Alex