Thursday, September 29, 2011

The Von Trapp Family.......but without the singing!

Hello, my dear Bloggeroos!

I had a lovely time over the Lincolnshire coast on my little jaunt with my family, a few weeks ago.

All the kids really enjoyed it. Two of my granddaughters, Hollie and Eve love just "being cousins" together.


We've had some fair bits of excitement in my extended family too. My niece, Laura is getting married on Saturday. The other bit of news is that Emily, her sister is moving back up to Lincoln from Wiltshire next week.

There's a definite buzz up at Mum and Dad's (a.k.a. Headquarters.)

This is where the Von Trapp Family mention comes into my post today...............

Due to the size of our large family there are six, yes that's six, pageboys.

Because the wedding party is getting dressed at my sister Mandy's house, all the pageboy outfits and three of the matching bridesmaids dresses are all pressed ready, hanging all along the picture rail.

According to Mandy, it looks like a row of the "curtain outfits" from the Sound of Music!

My son Phil, Claire and their kids Hollie and Jayden are here for the wedding and are staying at my house for the weekend.

Jayden, my grandson, is becoming a bit of a monkey these days. I've just seen on his mum's facebook page, that he might as well sleep and eat all his meals on the "Naughty Step" as he's spending so much time there!

I've swept mine ready for him!

Oh, but he's such a cooooool dude!

He's not quite getting the idea of the toilet training either........................


Before I go, I've got one of my funny stories to tell you.

It is completely true...............


Some of you may remember that I use to work as a Promotions Girl for our local newspaper.

One of our regular jobs was doing Pub Fun Nights at various pubs across the county, promoting the Echo.

There were three of us, Tanya, Tina, and me.

Tanya, Me, Tina 1996

We are sitting down in the above pic, but we made quite a rare bunch.

Tanya is over 6 feet tall, I'm 5'4", Tina's about 5 feet.

When we were performing, those old enough to remember would comment that the pair of them looked like Hylda Baker and Cynthia...........

Tanya's a very laid back sort of person, and she has a very slow, and subtle wit...........

One evening the three of us were driving down Lincoln High Street in the Echo van.

As we went past the local Ritz Theatre, Tanya piped up...................

"Oh! I didn't know The Chippendales" were on tonight."

"Don't be daft, they're not, are they?" I asked.

". Yeah, I think so," she said, pointing "Look!"

Tina and I looked, and then we saw the poster she was pointing to....................

I hope that made you smile!

Back soon.................

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

I'm Sue and I'm a Clutterholic................

Hello my dear Bloggeroos!

Last time I posted, you may remember that I was about to tackle all the clutter in my dining room. This was stuff that was formerly stacked in a (very) small room at the bottom of my stairs. (I call this room the "ex-toilet" owing to the original use of this space years ago.)

This was necessary to make some space for my recent freezer acquisition.


I'm sure you can imagine just how much clutter there was, as I've not been around Blogland for ages!

Where did I get all this rubbish?

Did fairies and elves shove unwanted items in there?

I was obviously elsewhere, counting my money, eating Waggon Wheels, or sorting out the vowels in my Alphabet Soup?'s NOT THERE NOW!

OMG, I haven't been so miserable since I worked in the Clock Factory.............

....when all I did was make faces all day :O)

Some of the things I've chucked out included..............

1. Two huge piles of newspapers. (Isn't that terrible about President Kennedy getting shot?)

2. Thirty two various TV Guides. (I see Elsie Tanner's got married again.)

I did keep a couple of my favourite Radio Times tho' still my beating heart!

4. An application form for the TV show "Hoarders."

5. Sixty seven cardboard boxes that I was SURE would come in useful some day

6. A book called "How to Make Furniture from Cardboard" (Maybe I should have kept it.)

7.My David Cassidy poster

I wondered where that'd got to!

8. A huge pile of clothes in sizes 8, 10, 12 and 14......

Needless to say I kept the size 16 and 18!
Sometimes you just have to be a realist :O(

9. A leaflet about a Night Class "How to be Organised." (Printed in 1995.)
I wonder if they still run this?

I am so pleased with myself, I've decide to reward myself with a little jaunt to the seaside with my lovely boys, their gorgeous wives, and my four scrummy grandchildren.

See you all soon...........