Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Saturday Fun & Frolics at HQ

Before I forget.............

On my last post, I asked you to see if you could spot anything written in it that you didn't think was true.

That bit about Seven of Nine being based on me was a lie.

I was based on her! (Honest!)

Some of you know that every Saturday Lunch, all the family meet up at my parents' house. (A.K.A. Headquarters.)

There's usually at least a dozen of us!

We have a lovely time, catching up on the gossip, and laughing 'til our sides hurt. Most weeks, there's always someone who tells a tale or does something daft.

Usually, it's Mumsie!

The funniest bit about this, is that she's not really trying to be funny. She just says daft things!

Last weekend, my niece was in Lincoln for the weekend. She brought her lovely little boy, Harley, with her.

My sister Mandy is his Nanny...............

MANDY: (to Harley) Tell Auntie Sue - what does your new motorbike do?

HARLEY (aged 18 months): Brum Brum. Neenah, neenah.

ME: Lovely! Who bought you that?

HARLEY: Granddad.

(Now, a little note here, because of the family dynamics and remarriages etc, all the "tinies" in our family have a full compliment of grandparents with some to spare, so we have had to be creative with their names, Grandma, Nanna, Nanny,Granny, Grandpa,"Granddad Lincoln" etc)

ME: Which Granddad?

MUMSIE:(answering for him) The deaf one.

HARLEY: (repeating Mum) Deaf one.

MANDY: Muuuuummmmmmmm! Don't say that! Harley might really call him that.

MUMSIE: Well, it won't matter if he does - he won't hear him, will he?

I suppose she's right!


I went in the living room to speak to Daddio...............

DADDIO: Oooh, I'm in trouble.

ME: What have you done this time?

MUMSIE: (shouting from the kitchen) Go on, you silly old sod! Tell her what you did.

DADDIO: Well, we were going to bed last night, and when I got to the bottom of the stairs, the stairlift was there. I thought your Mum had sent it down for me 'cos she keeps trying to get me to use the damn thing.

For goodness sake, Charlie. It's a stairlift, not a moon rocket

ME: And........?

DADDIO: When I got upstairs, I couldn't find her. I looked in all the bedrooms, and looked in the bathroom. Couldn't find her. Then, I heard this banging noise downstairs. It was getting louder by the minute, so I went down.

Guess what I'd done?

ME: Nothing would surprise me!

DADDIO: I'd locked her out. She'd gone out to the downstairs loo and I'd locked her in the back porch. She was ever so mad!

I bet she was!

I've suggested he gets Mumsie one of these.................

But he daren't!

Mumsie seems to have a knack for getting locked in porches click here

More from my Problem letters next post!


Nearly 50 and trying to be Frugal .... said...

Lovely story, made me laugh.

Kelly said...

Massive smile :)

Sandi said...

Poor mumsie, she does seem to have a 'lock out' problem. Perhaps you could give her some advice??? hehe.
Hugs Sandi xx

Sandi said...

Ohhhhh nooooooooooooo, I bought a pack of mini 'Wagon Wheels' today...all your fault :) I feel sick at the moment, I ate too many licorice all sorts, so am getting a salt fix by eating a pack of chips, luckily I'm slim.
xx Sandi

bad penny said...

How funny what a giggle your lot are.
My mum wanted to be " Granny " not nan or nanny or Grandma - Granny suits her especially as she is a Smith.
Mum's mum was NanNan & her dad Grandpop. Dad's mum was Gran & I never met my grandfather sadly - he sounded like a wonderful man.

Tanisha Hertzler said...

Funny story! Just like in a sitcom. Those folks know how to enjoy the use of a stairlift. :D Speaking of the stairlift, by the way, they should always remember to replace the batteries every 1-2 years.

Tanisha Hertzler