Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Easter Breakfast - Chickens are for Wimps!

I know many of my sweet bloggeroos keep hens to supply them with eggs.

I thought about getting some for myself, but as you girlies know by now, I'm never one to take the easy route.

I also like to think BIG.

This is one of the reasons that I decided to keep..........................


A bit harder to look after, but the advantages far outway the disadvantages.

For instance...........

The shed feathers are useful for trimming your best hat (See pic above.)

Their eggs are large enough to feed the whole family.

(Recipe coming up!)

Their meat is lower in fat and cholesterol.

Do make sure the ostrich is actually dead if you're using it for meat, wont you?

Ostriches also come in useful when your car won't start or you miss the bus!

Family recipe for Boiled Ostrich Egg.

(Note to my long term bloggeroos, this is similar to the Porridge Fondue here )

You will need.............

A large cooking vessel

This is the same one I use for the porridge and also for boiling my smalls :O)

Fill with water and put on to boil. (You will probably have to do this about 5am - but it's soooo worth it!)

Also needed is a suitable receptacle......

I use one of my garden urns.

Don't forget a sharp knife to cut off the top of your egg.

If you don't have a knife sharp enough, your Arabian Sabre will do just as well.

Make sure you provide plenty of bread and butter.......

Boil the ostrich egg for approx 3 hours, or 2 hours if you like a runny yolk.

Set the table. You will need.......

the garden urn, this goes in the centre of the table

the bread & butter

large spoons, one for each family member

Large bibs for everyone..........

Now as you know, I can't be doing with all that 'separate plates' nonsense - far too much washing up!

Everyone stands around the table taking turns to dip their bread and butter.


When all the yolk has gone, each takes a part of the white with their spoon.

The family member who eats the last piece does the washing up.

There you go - job sorted!

Sophie Dahl - eat your heart out!

I just hope one of my ostriches lays me an egg sometime soon, otherwise my family's gonna have to make do with some of my Coco Pops!

Hang on a minute, there's something going on in the garden...........

My, oh my Olivia, well done!!!!


Christy said...

found your blog today, and very glad that I did. Read through a few of your most recent posts, and laughed out loud several times! Thanks for the smiles. Never can have too many of those!

ps I do think I'll need a spoon that big when I go to the family Easter dinner on Sunday... :)

The Vintage Kitten said...

I cant see an ostrich without thinking of Bernie Clifton (can you tell I am a child of the 70's?)
Have a lovely Easter weekend X