Tuesday, March 9, 2010

I'm Loving Angels Instead - Part One

Now that I live alone since Mr Dollytub passed away, it is necessary for me to set up a "Help" Network.

There are many jobs, both large and small that we all need help with from time to time. Usually this help is from our "other half" . Or sometimes our dads, if they're young and fit enough.

My Dad may well be fit enough, but likes to conserve his energy for our very frequent family celebrations.

(You may have read in a previous post that my dear old Daddio needs all of his energy. Not only does he have Mum to consider, but also his 'girlfriend' Janet. )

see here

No!......not THAT, I mean on the dancefloor!

In my case I needed to find a trustworthy car mechanic to keep me on four wheels.

Now, for some reason, it has always been my experience that when a car mechanic is looking at a lady's car, they always tut-tut, shake their heads, and then do that sucky thing they do whilst taking a sharp intake of breath.

Then they make unhelpful comments, like...........

"What muppet did this for you last time, luv?"


"Well, I can do it, but it's gonna cost yer."

And then, to compound our misery, when you ask when they can do it, they flick the pages in their diary, back and forth, and come out with something stupid like,

"I can do it for you the Candlemas after next, but you'll have to bring it early."

"Early" to a car mechanic means after half past nine when they've eaten a hearty breakfast at
Gwen's Cafe. (Pronounced "Caff" a la Eastenders)

So, imagine my joy, when my BFF, Carol told me that her brother-in-law is a mechanic.

I was so happy, I could have done a few cartwheels, but not with my back!

His name is Les. His nickname is "Brum".

I thought that was a clever nickname, like what we call a car when we're little kids, ........

Brum, Brum.

But when I heard to him on the 'phone, I realised that his nickname is because he comes from


He made no daft comments and even offered to take it for its M.O.T.

He also checked that I had enough anti-freeze in without being asked.

He did the job the very next day, turned up when he said he would, and was very reasonable with his charges.

The day after it was done, he 'phoned Carol to make sure that I was happy with his work!

I was very pleased.

Les is my Angel number 1

Angel number 2 is Kev.

Kev's my decorator, and we've known each other since we were kids.

He decorated my hall, stairs and landing whilst I was away at my son's.

He also got a new light switch fitted for me as I'd mentioned I had a problem with it.

Kev and his missus work together, and I couldn't fault them, and they cleaned up after themselves. His costs were very reasonable.

Kev's a bit of a naughty angel though, this is one of his jokes....

"I only got one question wrong in the Pub quiz last night."

"What was the question?" I asked

"Where have women got the curliest hair?"

I giggled, then he said

"The answer should be ................



I need all sorts of little jobs doing so I'm just off to put a card in the Newsagent's window.

Local Widow seeks Handy Man, must be fit.
Apply in person to Dollytub Cottage.

That should do it!


KC'sCourt! said...

I love your blog. I read this and laughed out loud! Keep up the good work

Country Cottage Chic said...

You really made me laugh....if you find a fit handy man can you see if he has a brother?


Menopausal musing said...

Or in my case: see if he has a dad! :O)))))))))))

Annie said...

Hi Sue,
I love your blog, I have just spent ages reading your previous postings and you really made me smile
Ann x

Sal said...

Yep you are so funny!
Hope you find that fit guy!

RosieP said...

Great blog, very funny.

Hugs RosieP x

clare's craftroom said...

Hello Sue what a great post , it's so nice to meet you !

Mrs Yappy Dog said...

Nice to meet you!