Sunday, March 28, 2010

We're All Sisters Under the Skin

Some of you will remember that I have a sister. Because I had a speech impediment when I was a child, I call her "Ickle Ditder" (Little Sister).

Obviously I'm "Big Ditder".

She always makes me laugh, she gets into nearly as many scrapes as me.

Last week, I won some lovely Lavender sachets from the talented Sal at Sal's Snippets do pop over to her blog, she also has an online shop

"These smell lovely Big Ditder. What are they for?" asked Ickle Ditder

"They make your knickers smell nice." I replied.

"Aaaww can I have one?" she pleaded.

"OK, then" I said grudgingly.

She just 'phoned me 10 minutes ago.............

"Hello Big Ditder. You were right. The lavender sachet does make my knickers smell nice, but........................

don't you find the lace chafes a bit?"

I hope she was joking! If not, it may explain her funny way of walking :O)


Speaking of sisters, this a TRUE story............

Kath is my sister-in-law, she married my brother Les a couple of years ago.

In their late 50's, this wasn't the first marriage for either of them. Les divorced years ago, Kath was a widow.

One day last week, Kath was standing waiting for the bus on her way home from work.

It was rush hour and the bus was late.

We're all a friendly lot in our family and she struck up a conversation with another lady, also waiting for the bus.

They were chatting away, they saw the bus coming,

but, as always in Lincoln during the rush hour, it was held up even further by the railway crossing.

The pair of them were getting on really well.

"Didn't you use to live at the top end of town?" asked the lady.

"Still do." Kath answered.

"I thought I knew your face, I used to see you and your husband in the Vine pub." continued the lady. "Your husband's name's Ray, isn't it?" she inquired.

At this point, the bus finally arrived at the bus stop.

Both of them got on and sat next to each other.

Kath carried on the conversation........

"Yes, Ray WAS my husband, but he died 5 years ago."

The lady gently touched her arm, "Oh, I'm so sorry. Are you on your own now?"

"No, I remarried" said Kath. "Funny thing you should mention the Vine Pub though. My husband Les used to be the landlord there in the early 90's. I bet you knew him too."

The lady had a stony look on her face, and said..................

"It just so happens that I was the landlady then - you're married to my ex-husband!"

The worst of it was, the bus was jam packed full, so the pair of them had to sit in icy silence until they reached the bus station.


Taz said...

Your poor sister in law, that's the kind of thing that would happen to me LOL

RosieP said...

Love those sort of stories, how unfortuneate !

Hugs RosieP x

Isobel said...

Oh my God, your poor sister in law! But I bet she laughed after the shock had passed.

Country Cottage Chic said...

Oh dear!

Alchamillamolly said...

Just found your blog - love it and will be back tomorrow to catch up with the rest of it. When I was little I was Catherine Johnson and used to say Carki Dotdi! and when we have a birthday in our house The kids are 22,24,and 26!!) we sing 'Affy de da bydaa' as my son used to sing it to his friend ie Happy birthday Simon!

winnibriggs said...

sh.t!! Am I allowed to say that. talk about wishing the floor would open. Hope she went home to a nice G&T or whatever her tipple. I suppose 'Oh you're the one he dumped' wouldn't have improved things!! Sorry just my sense of humour..
Jenny x

Claire@AreWeNearlyThereYet said...

OH how funny!!!
I bet your sister will kill you for putting that pic up!
My boy is always getting muddled with words, he has decided lately he wants a Chickawowow! Thats a Chihuahua to and I! Bless. x

topchelseagirl said...

What are the chances of that happening lol. Thanks for your kind comment.