Saturday, May 16, 2009

Part Three - The Quatermass Experiment

Sunday Postscript: I am taking a break from my blogging today, Back Tomorrow!


So, there I was back at my house, trying to remember where the kitchen was, so that I could make a start on the "Friendship Cakes"
First things first - "Where's me pinny?" I asked my little boys.

YOUNGEST SON: What's a pinny?
ELDEST SON, (To his brother): It's what Dad wears to keep his shell suit clean when he's cooking our dinner. (To me): Don't use Dad's he'll be awfully cross if you ruin it. It took him ages to sew all those sequins on to it.

1980's Shellsuit

ELDEST SON: Where and when did you last have it?

ME: If I knew that I'd go get it!

ELDEST SON: That's what you usually say to me when I can't find something.

ME: OK, Smart Mouth, I'll go look for it!

Ah, I remembered the last time I wore it..................

June 1977, The Queen's Silver Jubilee Street Party!

Up in the spare room I finally tracked it down.

By this time, the frozen Blob had started to thaw, and I could've sworn it had tripled in size already.

This didn't worry me. After all, I did intend to make at least 4 cakes, so I saw that as a good start.

It had a very strong yeasty smell, and by the time I'd found two large mixing bowls and sent the boys round to borrow more bowls from my neighbours, it had tripled in size, yet again!.

Undeterred, I ran outside and retrieved the boys' inflatable paddling pool, and dragged it through to the kitchen. I chucked loads of the mixture into it.

I rang Maggie's house................................

"Hello, sorry we can't take your call at the moment, we're in Skeggy. please leave your message after the tone. We'll call you back next Thursday"

GULP! Thursday? This sad sorry mess could be down the street and covering the Park by then.

I 'phoned Mum, (as yer do in these circumstances.)

"Mumsie, help me, please................"

After she finally stopped laughing, she asked to speak to Eldest Son.

"Right Lad," she said, "Get the largest paper bag you can find."

"Nanny, this cake stuff is EVERYWHERE. It won't fit in a paper bag."

MUMSIE: "It's not for the cake, it's for your Mum. She needs to breathe in and out of it, she's hyperventilating. I'll ring back in 5 minutes."

I'm afraid that's it for today, my Dear Bloggeroos. You have no idea how much re-living these memories are affecting me.................. it gave me terrible nightmares last night!

More tomorrow!


Country Cottage Chic said...

Oh come on!!! Where's the rest of the story? You have really brightened up this dreary Sunday morning!


Harvey's Dream Home said...

How funny reminds me of my elder sister in the 80's she decided that she needed to start collecting for her bottom drawer, so she started collecting these terrible cookery cards, where they sent you a free plastic box to store them i don't remember the name but they were very popular way back when! Well to cut a long story short, it included a recipe for a wonderful treacle sponge cake that you cooked in the microwave! Well I loved the tinned variety that you bought and then steamed or cooked in the microwave so I was sure I would like this, well the cake went down in history as the microwave growth cake, don't ask me what my sister did but the mixture grew and grew until we couldn't see the microwave door at all! Mum didn't let her practise again!

Sue at Dollytub Cottage said...

What a great tale. I had some of those cards and the box. They should have issued them with a health warning!

angel said...

Lol, i had those cards as well.:-)