Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Cath Kidston Bag - and the Winner is................

Thank you, my dear Bloggeroos for your entries into my recent giveaway.

Unfortunately, no-one guessed the correct answer.

Before you all start crying and wearing that upside down smile that you think makes you look cute.

I have decided to choose a winner for the Cath Kidston bag from ALL the comments from that day.

So I 'phoned Daddio and asked him to give me any number between 1 - 15.


ME: No Dad, between one and fifteen.

DADDIO: Oh sorry, I thought you said one and fifty.

ME: Try again.

DADDIO: Number twelve.

NUMBER TWELVE COMMENT WAS MADE BY .......................


So Congratulations Hazel! Please email me with your surname and address.

The answer was Number 3:

"I once ran up the High Street with Jimmy Saville" was the untrue statement.

I did run alongside him, but along the Waterside. I was his 'Minder' for the day as part of my job.

In the 1990's I worked as a Promotions Co-ordinator for the Lincolnshire Echo.

Such an interesting and varied job. No two days were alike - I loved it so much, every day I actually looked forward to going to work!

Explanations of some of the TRUE statements:

1. I once met Willie Nelson in a lift. (He was visiting the Echo offices)

2. I sat on Santa's knee at age 33 - perk of the job as an Elf

(The Echo ran Santa Roadshows throughout the County)

4. I can't ride a bike.

5. I met Billy Fury in 1973. (This quite a long explanation, so I'll save this for a future post)

6. In the 1970's I was invited to Sunday Lunch at a friend's house. This was actually a Sales Party for some cookware. The guy selling the pans was Danish and his previous job was as a Trapeze Artist

7. I sat on Robbie William's toilet. A true statement, but I'll also save this for a future post.

8. I've been Centrepage Spread. -The Echo launched a new edition, I was dressed as "Erica - the Echo Clown". To promote the event there was a two page centre spread with pics of me delivering the new edition.

9. Engaged 4 times, married once. (We'll draw a veil across that one for now!)

10. I don't drink alcohol because of the medication I take.



This story is completely true.............

Ickle Ditder (Little Sister age 48) had organised a night out for her and her colleagues.

She had bought herself some new perfume, Lulu by Guiness.

Now, I don't know if you're familiar with this scent, but it's lovely.

One of her workmates, a young lad in his 20's found it particularly appealing. So much so that all evening he kept standing next to her just so he could enjoy the aroma.

As the evening wore on, after a couple of pints, he tried to get even closer and started to nuzzle into her neck.

There was a live band playing and at exactly the same moment that the song ended, the silence in the room was broken by Ickle Ditder shouting at the top of her her voice.................

"For God's sake - Stop sniffing my LULU!"

Back tomorrow!


Hazel said...

Oh my goodness......I won! How completely cool! I cannot believe it, i never win anything! Thank you so much. I'm sooooo excited! My gosh....I can' wait for you to give further details on some of those stories! Thanks once again!!!!

Menopausal musing said...

Ho! Ho!. . . Brilliant! Absolutely Brilliant! . . . . Now about the Robbie Williams fact.... come on..... do tell. . . . (I can't ride a bike either!). x

Anonymous said...

we all wanna hear and Robbie's toilet! lol

Rose XXX

Anonymous said...

that about not and seriously, i really have lost it! lol

Rose XXX

Moonspinner said...

Oh, am all ears for future installments ... do tell. xx

BusyLizzie said...

Great stories! Love the Lulu comment.
Lizzie x