Friday, May 29, 2009

I've still got the "Gormy Ruttles"!

I'm still feeling quite poorly, so Billy's tale will still have to wait.

Thank you for your Get Well messages.. It's not easy to get your thoughts in order through the "Night Nurse" medicine, but I thought I'd just pass on some news.........................

First piece of news.........

The beautiful lady in the pic is my lovely Mumsie with her 3rd great grandchild, Harley, my sister's grandson.

But there's going to be another great grandchild for her and Daddio, as my DIL is expecting another baby in January.

I'm so excited as this will be my third grandchild. (I should point out that I'm not really old enough to be a Nanna, but I was a child bride ;O) )

Second piece of news..........

Some of you know that my partner Liam died from cancer 7 months ago. Although we had been together for 8 years, we each had our own houses round the corner from each other.

We have had his house up for sale for only 3 weeks and it has now Sold Subject to Contract.

I do hope the sale goes through.

The last year has been the hardest thing in my life to go through. He was only diagnosed 4 months before his death, and was only really ill for the last week of his life.

He used to be an Entertainer, singing and playing guitar, and he was so very funny. Everywhere he went, people loved him.

We never stopped laughing, and he was still making me laugh just days before he went. I loved him so very much and I know that I will never stop missing him.

I do think that my tales are inspired by him - I start to type my blog post and it really feels that someone's taken over.

I just know that he would love me to tell you sometime about the tales of his imaginery friend, a tiny Fillapino lady who he pretended lived with him. He called her "Meeso", surname "Hornie."

So, I'll be back when my Chuckle Muscle is working again. In the meantime I hope you enjoy my choice of music. Both of these songs always cheer me up!

Back Soon!


Menopausal musing said...

Oh, Sue, I absolutely LOVE the fact you had houses round the corner from each other!!! Life is (obviously) so short, why should you have complied with the "norm"? Share him with us...... please?x

angel said...

Aw this post made me cry, i am so sad for you, your humour is infectious as i imagine was your love for each other.
Loads of love and get well soon honey. Mwah XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

Anonymous said...

Hi Sue,

I hope you feel better soon!

I have nominated you for an award on my blog :-)

Rose XXX

Lorilee said...

Hi Sue,
I am so sorry for the loss of your loved one! He sounds like a real treasure!

Moonspinner said...

Hi there,
I've left a "Lovely Blog Award" for you at my site. xx Moonspinner

clare's craftroom said...

I'm glad I found your blog with that post . Hope you're feeling better very quickly .

angel said...

Getting a bit worried about you now, i pray your ok honey.
Mwah X x X x X