Monday, May 18, 2009


Before we go on with the continuing saga of the Friendship Cake, a last call and a reminder of the giveaway I am doing for a Cath Kidston Tesco Shopper Bag. Entries by tomorrow, Tuesday 9 a.m.

Which one of the following statements is untrue:

1.I once met Country Singer Willie Nelson in a lift
2.I sat on Santa's knee when I was 33 years old
3.I ran up Lincoln High street with Jimmy Saville
4.I can't ride a bicycle
5.I met Billy Fury when I was 17 years old
6.I once had lunch with a Danish trapeze artist
7.I sat on Robbie William's toilet
8.I have had my photo on a Centre page spread
9.I have been engaged 4 times, but married only once
10.Except for Christmas Lunch and Weddings I never drink alcohol

Leave your guess number in comments, winner to be announced tomorrow. Be careful, the other 9 statements are true!


Where were we?...............Ah yes, I remember

So...........Eldest Son had found me a paper bag for my hyperventilating. I'm calming down (a bit)

The phone rang, Mumsie said she was on her way round.

EFFECTS: Wonder Woman Theme Tune playing in the background.

Did I tell you Mumsie's my Hero?

Mumsie arrives on my doorstep, she had run all the way from 3 streets away.

As she stops, there is the noise of brakes screeching because behind her, she is dragging her trusty old shopping bag on wheels.

She has brought with her six mixing bowls, 17 cake tins, extra flour, dried fruit, 3lbs of best butter, half a bottle of brandy. (The brandy is for me.)

She also has her large wooden spoon. (The one with the "Go Faster" stripes.)

Within 20 minutes, Peace rules supreme!

So, Mumsie had rolled up her sleeves, emptied my freezer of all the out of date stuff, and has divided the Blob into workable sizes. She puts 3 lots of the Blob into the freezer as we realise it's one way to curtail its growth.

Mum shouts over the garden walls to all of me neighbours.

"We have an Emergency situation, please preheat your ovens to Gas mark 4 - NOW!"

A couple of points here...................

No-one says No to Mumsie, many have tried believe me.

If Mum had been partnered to Winston Churchill in 1939, the War would have been over by Christmas!

We managed to make and bake 6 cakes. We also discovered that the Blob also stopped growing when subjected to 140 degrees Centigrade.

We made an assortment - some with dried fruit, some plain, and some with buttercream.

Luckily I lived only four doors away from the school, so I loaded up the pushchair and delivered them to the PTA Commitee.

To say that the the "A" lister Mums were impressed would have been an understatement.

They made comments like:




"What IS that she's wearing?"

I placed the cakes on the table, a proud lump in my throat and tears of joy in my eyes.

I had also taken a present for Felicity Understairs-Cupboard

I wonder if you can guess what it was?

Last time I saw her, she was in a very sorry state and had put on loads of weight from all that cake!


Anonymous said...

thank you sue for making me laugh so much :-)

oh if you could see the pic of the cake i made chris for his birthday this year... imagine icing in the middle the thickness a cake should be and two halves of cake biscuit thickness :-)

Rose XXX

Moonspinner said...

Hi there, thanks so much for your visit, I love your site, I'm adding you too. xx

Moonspinner said...

Hi again, I've had a chance to catch up on past posts, talk about bloody funny, mumsie is a cracker, think I'll borrow her to get me into shape!xx

Carol said...

Brilliant, well done You! those are fantastic.

angel said...

I just wet myself laughing, you crack me up..... love love love your blog.

Loads of huggles and love-ups. Mwah XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

angel said...

I just caught up with the beginning of the story...... phew, you bought back some old memories for me.... thanks honey, i need a lie down on a bed of nails to get over the rememberence now....