Wednesday, June 30, 2010

A Further Tale of Daddio's Magical Mystery Tour

This post follows on from my previous tale about my Dad's wonderful happy experience from the morphine he received after open heart surgery.

I spent a lovely few hours with Mum and Dad yesterday, (so nice not having to compete with my siblings and children for my turn hanging on to Mumsie's apron strings!)

I was telling them that I'd related the story of Dad's hallucinations and Mumsie told me of another one he'd had one day when she was alone with him in his hospital side ward.

Apparently, one of his doctors had a hairdo like mine used to be before I cut it with the wallpaper scissors. The picture above bears a very close resemblance!

They were chatting away and Daddio said to Mum:

"Aye up, Manageress,"(Dad's pet name for Mum!) "The doctor's sat outside the door waiting to come in."

Mum looked towards the half glazed door, "Where? I can't see her."

"She's sitting on that chair just outside the door," he said, pointing.

Mum looked again. There was no doctor.

The only thing that was there, standing on a small table, was this...............

She giggled and said,

"You soft sod!"

For my previous post about my haircut, see here First Cut is the Deepest.


Hesta Nesta said...

Hi Sue
We are having the most horrendous building work done at the mo and you have just made my day with that story - I now have a smile on my face - you have cheered me up no end!!
Jo xx

Sandi said...

Sue, that is so funny and of course had to read your post about cutting your hair, giggle, giggle.

sitting oh so pretty said...

Ahhhhhh bless him!!!!Lol that is funny though!!!!Love your stories to brighten up my day!!!Karenxxx