Saturday, June 12, 2010

Attitude is a Little Thing That Makes a Big Difference.......

Quote by Winston Churchill

Hello my dear sweet bloggeroos, many thanks for your kind words on my previous post. Although it has been known for me to use artistic licence in my tales, (yeah, really!) the story of Mumsie and her crutch was 100% true!

Funny things do seem to happen to me more than the average human being. I don't know whether it's because my "chuckle muscle" is highly developed, or just that I'm crackers.

That's not for me to say - I'll leave that analysis to you!

Some of you know that I have Fibromyalgia Syndrome (FMS), and it's a right pain in the ar........, well actually - it's a pain everywhere!

It also affects energy levels causing fatigue. (See, you thought I was just being a lazy old so-and-so!)

Anyway, I'm wandering off the point again, aren't I? (Yes, FMS also causes 'fibro fog' a.k.a. foggy brain and fuzzy thinking. That's why my car keys sometimes end up in the fridge!)

Symptoms vary daily, so it's not always easy to do all the jobs that need doing, however...................

Two weeks ago, I was feeling quite well and my energy levels were higher than they'd been for ages.

Whooopppeeeee! I decided to redecorate my bedroom. Two of the walls were a very dark pink, much darker than they look in the picture; I found them depressing.

Here's the BEFORE pic.......

It's taking me absolutely ages - I do 20 minutes, have a rest, do another 20 minutes and so on.

The trouble is, when I'm feeling OK, I tend to forget to pace myself. I was always a very keen DIY-er, so I do get frustrated and rush to get the job done before my energy levels start to dip.

So far, after two weeks I've managed to complete JUST ONE WALL!

Pathetic, I know, but I will not let it beat me. (Even if I have to play Winston Churchill's speeches in the background to keep me motivated!)

Yesterday evening, I painted the skirting board and the fireplace. It got to 11.30pm and although I was very tired, I was determined to put the final coat of paint on, so that I can unroll the carpet back to where I should be.

OMG! When I got off up off the floor, I was so stiff, I was walking like "Galen" from Planet of the Apes!

This morning, the same as every Saturday, I was going to Mum and Dad's for the weekly family lunch.

We always have such fun - see my post from last year, Fun & Frolics at Audrey's Party here

After lunch, before I left "uphill" , (the posh part of Lincoln - I live "downhill", say no more, ahem!) I went to the parade of shops near Mum's to buy some Epsom Salts, as I'd read on the internet that they are fantastic for sore muscles.

It's one of those shops that sells everything - gardening stuff, household cleaning products, vitamins, hair care etc. (I bet there's one near you!)

ME: Do you have any Epsom Salts, please?

ASSISTANT: No, I'm sorry, we've sold out. Did you want some for the garden?

ME: Errr, no, why?

ASSISTANT: People use them in their soil to alter the acidity.

ME: Fancy, I didn't know that!

ASSISTANT: What did you want them for, then?

ME: I've been decorating, and they're supposed to be good for sore muscles.

ASSISTANT: Well, I hope you know what you're doing. A friend of mine told me to use them when I hurt my knee. They give you the sh*ts!

ME: Err, what from putting them in your bath water?

ASSISTANT: Oh my God! I took them in a glass of water. No wonder my knee still hurts.

We both giggled.

ME: I write a blog, you DO know you're going to be in it today, don't you?

ASSISTANT: (Covering her name badge) You won't put my name in will you?

ME: I might!

So Wendy.................

You're a MUPPET!


La Vie en Rose said...

RFLMFAO...pardon the language. Too flipping funny. Epsom salts and eucalyptus oil in the tub works wonders. Feel better soon lovie.


Anne xx

La Vie en Rose said...

I should have added...Do not drink the water!

Autumn Mist said...

Oh dear, dippy woman! Hope you feel better soon, as we need you to help us exercise our chuckle muscles on a regular basis.

winnibriggs said...

You really are a tonic to us all, and it's you who should be needing it. Hope you got your salty bath and believe me a glass of wines much better and doesn't have the same effect!!

Lavender hearts said...

that is hilarious. I love your stories! :-)

RosieP said...

Brilliant as usual, can't wait for the 'reveal'

Hugs RosieP x

magpie chic said...

Goodness me, what a hoot! The piccy of the storm trooper is a total winner too. I'm saving you to my favourites!

Sandie's Patch said...

You wicked lady you!
I hope your muscles ar not so stiff and achy chuckle muscles have just had a workout!

Sandie xx

bad penny said...

He He can you still get Epsom Salts ?
I grazed my arm after a nasty fall with my mum in a Gale in Wales.... her friend dabbed Friars Balsom on... I think she'd had the bottle forever !
As a child, I made Blue Peters' recipe for bath Salts for Christmas Presents using Soda Crystals ( & nicked mum's perfume ) and food colouring /.... I dyed my Aunt's bum purple !

I suffer from FM too