Friday, June 18, 2010

If you Need Cheering up - This is Tray Tray Funny!

I'm still trying to finish the decorating in my bedroom. Yes! I know I'm S-L-O-W.

So just for a little while, I'll just be doing little sharp bursts of blogging, but rest assured, I will still try to raise a smile!

When my partner, Liam was alive - he used to cheer me up, doing an impersonation of this guy. See his name below - it's the youtube link.

(And people say I'M crackers!)
If you need to turn a frown upside down into a smile, check out the video below.
The best bit takes a moment, so bear with it!

I'm sure some of you will remember seeing this!

More smiles to follow, so don't forget to check back.
P.S. My dear Friend, Tilly is organising a Shabby Chic/Vintage Swap. Why not pop over to join in! Tilly Rose

1 comment:

Tilly Rose said...

Thanks for the plug hun...much appreciated x x x
Just hope people want to play!
Karen x x x