Monday, June 14, 2010

More Fun and Frolics at Audrey's Party............

When we all go to my Mum and Dad's for our weekly Saturday Brunch, (otherwise referred to as "Audrey's Party") it tends to get a bit crowded.

There are 12 "regulars" Sometimes there are more of us if my youngest son and family, or my other niece and her family are in Lincoln for the weekend.

There are only two rooms downstairs, so the blokes sit in the Living Room, ladies in the Kitchen.
Tea and sandwiches flow freely, so luckily there are two toilets!

It's amazing how often Mandy, Kath and me turn up wearing the same colour top. Dad always make a quip like "Here they all come....................

The Beverley Sisters

Diana Ross and the Supremes

or even ...........

"Wilson Kepple and Betty" (see this funny link here)

One Saturday, Mandy and me were chatting in the garden, admiring the flowers...............

When I went back into the house I said
"There's a beautiful Camelia just under the window."

"Oooh where? Let me have a look." said Kath excitedly.

I took her outside and pointed to it.

"Where?" she asked.

"There look" I told her.

"I can't see it."

"Here look! Here!" I poked it impatiently with my finger.

Kath smiled and nodded her head,

"Ohhhh, CAMELIA!"

I was very puzzled, "What did you think I'd said?"

Kath went red in the face and answered,

"I thought you said 'CHAMELEON', aren't I daft?"

Yep, Kath - you are!


crafty cat corner said...

Oh my god, thanks so much for the sand dance video. I remember if I was being lazy when I was at home, my Dad would say, 'get me a bucket of sand and I'll do you a sand dance' watching this bought memories back. Thanks so much for your lovely entertaining blogs.

Sandi said...

You must have the most amazing family and great times when you are all together, good times with lots of laughter.

Anonymous said...


I must make more effort to come back and visit you here more often Sue, you always make me laugh and put a smile on my face!

I am a rubbish blogger at the moment, alth0ugh I am trying to make an effort to do some "owrk" and make some stuff to put on my website to sell instead of spending hours on line here! There just isn;t enough time in the day is there...

Hope you have a great week :-)

Rose X

Cally's Cottage said...

When I was at school MANY years ago someone told me they had had their first 'holy chameleon'..took me a while at primary school age to catch on to what she mean't...
Have a Happy Week,
Warm Wishes,
Cally x