Tuesday, April 21, 2009

About My 1950's Friends

No, Dear Bloggeroos, I don't mean you!

I'm talking about my Hard Plastic friends. Meet Ruby, this cute little doll is a Smiley Roddy Doll, she was in a very sorry and naked state when she arrived at Dollytub Cottage. After some TLC I made her the little dress and knickers she is wearing to cover up her "underneaths", (the TART!)

After several unsuccessful photographic attempts with my idiot-proof camera, (sigh! )I managed to capture her beauty!

Ruby hung around on ebay a while ago and has now emigrated to Australia. (Do you know - there's been no letter, no calls, no postcards, ungrateful little madam!)

I have a huge collection of 1950's dolls, but I'm having a break from selling on ebay at the moment. So I'm really enjoying their company for a while.

If any Bloggeroo has any vintage dolls they would like me to identify for them, please let me know!


Sal said...

She's really cute. I am a huge lover of gingham, especially red!

Country Bliss said...

Thought I'd come and say Hi as I see you follow my blog. Just had a giggle at your profile, love the D.G.I.T. bit, very funny.
Ruby is such a sweet looking doll.
Yvonne x

claire said...

Hi Thanks for visiting me :)
Looking forward to reading your blog....you made me laugh with the poundshop everythings a pound thing...thats an 'in' joke with me and my husband!!!!

Vintage Tea said...

How cute Ruby is even if she turned out to be an ungrateful little madam ;)

Victoria x

Shabby Chick said...

Hi Sue

Thanks v much for coming to say hello and welcome to the world of blogging! Ruby is cute, it's one of my eldest's middle names so I am biased anyway ;)

Mel xxx

abeachcottage said...

ruby is a gorgeous litle thing, i love her!


Judy said...

I love your little doll. She is so adorable. Welcome to blogland!! I hope you enjoy it as much as I do. I've made so many wonderful friends. Thank you for stopping by and saying hello!

Country Cottage Chic said...

What a charming little doll! I'm also collect dolls so I'd love to see more of them!

Welcome to blogging - your first few posts really made me smile!