Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Oh! You Beautiful Doll. More rescue dolls........

I may be away from my computer for a few days as I am having my hall, stairs and landing decorated. So, I'm putting some more of my rescue dollies on here for you to look at in the meantime.

Here's a beautiful British National Dolls "Dollie Walker". She is 20 inches tall and is wearing her original outfit. These gorgeous hand assisted walker dolls were sold in Marks and Spencers during the 1950's.


Below is a 13 inch Pedigree Doll. Poor little thing arrived at Dollytub Cottage without anything holding her together.

After a gentle clean, I restrung her joints.

I also made her a new wig, new eyelashes and teeth. I made her little outfit before she went to her new home via ebay.


This is a black Pedigree Baby Doll. She is 20 inches tall. I repaired her faux astrakhan wig, gave her a clean and made her a new outfit. She is also wearing a new pair of replacement shoes.

These dolls are very well loved and were also made with bent baby legs and also a hand assisted walker version.

This particular cutie now lives in Australia.

One of the most popular dolls I sell is this 7 inch Miss Rosebud Doll. I replaced her wig and made her a new outfit. I love her little basket from my stash of doll accessories that I've collected over the years. Her shoes are from an Amanda Jane outfit.


Last, but not least, here is a 10 inch Pedigree Doll. She has a beautiful dusky colour to her plastic. Her black wig is a replacement I made especially for her. Her dress may be original. She also had a pair of red shoes that I had forgotten to put on her before the pic was taken!

If you have enjoyed looking at these lovely dolls, scroll down to see more from my previous post.

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Paper Roses said...

Hello , I love your dolls they have brought back memories of my own doll collection from the 60s.... i still have my favorite one .
My lovely one has ginger hair and big blue eyes and made from hard plastic, i always prayed for my own ginger baby when i was a little girl so she would be just like Mandy.
Sadley none of my 3 had that hair colour (much to their relief)