Tuesday, February 23, 2010

My Vintage Finds for my Shabby Chic Home

When I first decided to write this blog, my initial purpose was to share with fellow bloggers my vintage finds and craft exploits.

But, I got so wrapped up in my little stories about my friends and family and our acts of heroism and derring-do. (For 'heroism', read 'insanity'.) At some point, I obviously lost the plot - :O)

Don't worry, I will continue to blog about my family's escapades, but I do also want to join my crafty little bloggeroos in their activities too.

So today is going to be a sensible post. (Well as sensible as I can be anyway!)

This picture at the top of today's post is from an earlier foray way back last year and I included it in one of my first postings.

I'm a very lucky lady as I have the choice of 4 charity shops within a couple of miles.

All of these have generous parking outside too. This is in addition to 2 very large, year round Car Boot Sales, both within 15 miles.

(Maybe I should offer Short Breaks Treasure-Hunting Weekends for my dear Bloggeroos, and chuck in a bit of B&B!)

Everything in the picture above was from ONE Charity Shop., including the tablecloth and the little table at the bottom of the pic.

(The roll of kitchen cloths came from the £1 shop - very useful instead of felt for some of my creations.)

Most of you know that I love cake.

so I always seem to come home with some of these.......

I also found some lovely prints

and even a pair of candy striped sheets...................

There was also a doll's Moses Basket, not in the pics, oops!

And finally..............................one of my ebay find this week - this cute little planter/vase.......

I've put him away 'til Easter.

Over all the years I've been collecting, I've never found a piece I love more than this one.........

I bought her at one of the first Bootsales I went to in 1984.

She's about 6 inches tall and made in two parts so that when you give a little push to her skirt, she rocks.

Made in the 1950's, I think she probably had a partner originally as her lips are pursed ready to kiss.

Can you remember what your first Car Boot item treasure was?


KC'sCourt! said...

I cannot remember my first bootfair buy, but I can say that bootfair, junk-shops (don't see so many of these, think they pre-date bootfairs!), and charity shops are our downfall! I reckon we could have a garage sale and everything would go!

Menopausal musing said...

Cant remember my first bootfair buy either, but I LOVE that little ornament with the swinging skirt. What a gorgeous little item. Just gorgeous!