Saturday, February 6, 2010

My 1950's British Hard Plastic Vintage Dolls

Something completely different today my dear bloggeroos!

I thought I would share some pictures of my ebay "Rescued Dollies."

This gorgeous little girl is a 10inch Pedigree Doll, she is the same age as me!
All of these little cuties were restored by me and then sold on ebay. I also made most of their little outfits.

So......if Mrs Willdee my old needlework teacher is reading this - you were WRONG! See I can sew neatly when I haven't got someone looking over my shoulder and shouting at me that I'm rubbish, so there!

This Topsy Doll is also 10inches tall. She is made from black composition and her plaited topknots are made from wool.
She is even older and was made in the 1940's


These are both 10inch Pedigree Baby Dolls.
The white doll was in a very sorry state when she arrived at Dollytub Cottage and I had to make her a new wig.

Here is a 12 inch "Smiley" Roddy Doll. I always have one of these in my bedroom, when I see her as soon as I wake up - I cannot resist smiling back. What a great start to my day!


I also rescue old bears too!

This is "Hobson" who when he came to me looked like he had been going to Weightwatchers as he had lost almost all of his sawdust filling. I soon sorted him out, here is is helping me in the garden before he went to Japan.
I've also helped some 1960's vinyl rubber dolls, I think these too are both Pedigrees.
Someone else knitted their clothes, so I made the golly face and the teddy out of felt to brighten up their jumpers.

.I have loads of other pics to show some other time.
All of the above dollies have now been adopted, but I do have dozens of others sitting in my workroom patiently waiting for my health to improve.
If any of my bloggeroos have a doll that they need identifying, I'd be happy to help.


VintageVicki said...

My needlework teacher made similar comments - took me years to get brave enough to try & sew again & I can do it.

How lovely to see all those dolls being loved again. I really must rescue my childhood dolls from my parents attic one day.

Lalabibaby said...

Lovely work Sue .... I'm a sucker for old toys too and I used to love my black baby doll when I was little. Can't wait to see the rest of your family x

Menopausal musing said...

Let's hear stories about crap Needlework Teachers: mine used to slap my legs...... How on earth I ever came to love sewing is no thanks to her, that's for sure!!!

Lovely memories of dolls brought back via your post.

I loved the "Chinese" comment on your previous post...........

Sal said...

My needlework teacher was very strict indeed.
Mind you, she and her colleague spent half their time measuring our skirts to make sure they were not too short!
LOL! ;-)

Country Cottage Chic said...

You've done a great job with them all! I particularly like the smiley Roddy - so cheerful looking.

Why were needlework teachers so bad in the old days? I could sew very well by the time I was 12 as myn mum is an excelleny seamstress, but I hated sewing at school as it would take us 6 months to make something that would have taken a few hours at home so I didn't opt for needlework at school once we had the choice.