Wednesday, June 29, 2011

It's enough to Drive me Bonkers!

Hello my dear Bloggeroos!

I had a (mostly) lovely weekend. On Sunday it was my great nephew Toby's Christening.

As you know by now, my family love an excuse for a Party. Once again, we had the usual Disco and Buffet.

My son, Phil and his family came down from Darlington. My niece, Emily came up from Wiltshire and we all met Jensen, the newest member of our clan.

As I said, it was mostly lovely. Sunday was perfect, but........

Saturday turned out to be a very strange day indeed..............

I absolutely hate driving.

It's not that I'm nervous, but I do find other road users do tend to behave in some peculiar ways!

Before I even pulled off the drive for my weekly lunch at Mum and Dad's, I nearly set off my car's airbag. There is a nutty Professor lives down my road. He insists on cycling on the footpath.

I stopped just in time.

"Here we go.......nutters abound!" I thought to myself.

I drove to the end of the road.

Just near Sainsbury's, I spotted them..........finger up nose, mind in neutral. (Them, not me!)

Kamikaze Pedestrians!

By now, my legs were beginning to turn to jelly..................

"Concentrate!" I chided myself.

For moments such as this, I keep a few Extra Strong Mints in my car's ashtray.

When I stopped at the traffic lights, I popped a mint in mouth.

At least, I thought it was a mint.

It was in fact.....................

.............a £1 coin!

Just as I realised my mistake, the lights changed to green...........

There was an impatient motorist behind me.

He tooted his horn so loudly, he startled me........

Yep! You guessed it..................

I swallowed the £1 coin!

When I arrived at Family Headquaters, I asked Mum if I could use the 'phone.

I called the Doctor.............

Of course, he was very busy.

He told me the best thing to do was to "let Nature take its course."

How am I now?

Well, despite taking certain measures.................

..........up to now..............

............there's no change!

Ha! Ha! Ha!

The old ones are the BEST!

Don't forget to pop back soon to read a tale about Mumsie and a case of mistaken identity.


Anonymous said...

Oh my...... Take heart dear one.... I sure it will all work out ! ! LOL!!

Autumn Mist said...

LOL! I was quite taken in for a moment there, trust me! You should put up a warning for the especially gullible!

Rose H (UK) said...

Oh dear! That's nearly as bad as the poor bloke by us who's wife mixed up onions and daffodil bulbs - he had to be hospitalised, but he'll be out in the spring!

Shabby Anne said...

Oh how I have missed reading your blog. I had a right laff at this one, hehe.

A Blessed Life said...

You are a crack up!

Sandie said...

You got me feeling sorry for you there for a minute!
Lowering the tone further....
Years ago in one of the toilets in my home town on the market place, I was writing my will, no, attempting to use the said place for the appropriate purpose and in order to help with concentrating on the matter, I started reading the graffiti. Apart from the usual spelling mistakes, they were prety base , afew good 'uns but, one always sticks in my mind (Itself often compared to a toilet), it said, "Here I sat broken hearted, spent a penny and only F**ted!".
Still friends???

Sandie xx

KC'sCourt! said...

Julie xxxxxxx

ted and bunny said...

when I was little, I did actually bite the thermometer and swallow the mercury...could account for a lot I guess!!!

Country Cottage Chic said...

LOL! It might take a while....when my daughter was little she swallowed a coin & it took 10 days to reappear!

I will be sending your little prize very soon.


bad penny said...

My friends & I used to lever a lolipop stick into the lock of the loos at the Recreation ground in the village to save a penny & and not spend it ) Well we got locked in ( yes we used to go in together ) We had to stand on the toilet seat to see out of the tiny window to scream for help. Luckily one of my brothers passed & asked a builder working on a house to help. He sawed the whole lock off !

We were so er, relieved !