Friday, June 10, 2011

Desperately Seeking Susan?............................

Wonder where I've been?................

Long story......(isn't it always if I'm telling it?)

The last time we were "here", you'll remember that I was planning a visit to stay with my niece, Emily in Wiltshire who was expecting her second baby.

The family stategy was that I went down just before the baby was due, in case he came early.

I was relieved the next week by Laura, Em's sister.

Laura took her own little boy, Toby as a playmate for Em's little boy............

"Sleep where you like, but this cat's mine, geddit?"

My sister Mandy went down as the third contingent.

Jenson Alexander, with a wonderful flair for timing, arrived on Good Friday 22nd April whilst Mandy was there!

All is well and Harley is chuffed to bits with his new baby brother.

Here's a more recent pic................


Meanwhile, regarding my own brood..................

Number One son, Ali has a new job teaching Photography at a local College. (I don't care how clever he gets............I refuse to call him "Sir"!)

Ali has built his little girls a beautiful playhouse in their garden. Rosa's becoming as pretty as her big sister................

Evie and Rosa love the play house, and I've heard a family rumour that when they're in bed, their Mummy hides in there to avoid the ironing!


Number Two son, Phil is keeping busy and has recently gone into a new business partnership.

He lives in Darlington and I had a lovely time last week when I went to stay with him and Claire for half term.

Granddaughter Hollie loves Primary School, and has become more confident in herself. She loves being a big sister! Jayden is walking now, and Hollie enjoys playing with him.

Oh Jay - you're SUCH a poser!

Jayden adores her! He's a lovely little lad, always smiling and flirting with the ladies!


Other news.......................

Thank you so much for your emails asking where I was.

I'm sorry to have dropped off the planet, blogwise.

I have had some physiotherapy on my back, which has greatly improved. Because I am sleeping better, this has also improved my fibromyalgia symptoms, so I have been catching up on some much-needed domestic jobs. oven is clean, my ironing basket is empty, and my mending pile has now vanished.

Emotionally without my late partner Liam is becoming easier. I still miss him terribly, but I try to stay positive.


Daddio continues to improve following his minor stroke. He has resumed his Friday Boys' Night at his social club.

Mumsie is well, though a bit worn out from keeping her eye on him.

But..........she's still as daft as ever..........

ME: Mum, why do you wash out tin cans and milk containers and wrap stuff before you put them in the bin? You have the cleanest, tidiest rubbish I've ever seen!

MUMSIE: I don't know, really. You Dad says I've got JCB.

ME: JCB?!!! Don't you mean OCD?

MUMSIE: (in her attempt at an American accent.) What- evverrrr!

But even funnier.............

The consultant who is treating Dad for his stroke wants to check up on things.........

With this in mind, according to Mumsie....................

Dad's got to have an MFI scan, apparently!


I'm off to read your blogs now!


Lalabibaby @ Dreaming of The Simple Life said...

Lovely to see you back Sue and hear about your lovely family x

KC'sCourt! said...

Lovely to see you back - lots of things have happened in blogland like me losing my blog for nigh on two weeks, and now I cannot leave comments on blogs that have 'select profile'!
Julie xxxxxx

ted and bunny said...

my dear mum always used to think MFI was the secret government service...

lovely to have you back; how you can miss someone you don't even know I'm not sure, but you were missed!

Glad you're getting more used to dealing with life without your partner, it's such a massive step.


Sandi said...

Yay, you're back, well I must be psychic as you say. Glad all is well, and great to catch up.
Hugs Sandi x

Autumn Mist said...

Welcome back, I have so missed you, Sue, blogland isn't the same without your stories to brighten my day. Glad to see everyone's doing well (what a lovely family you have.) Love the JCB comment - no change there, then! Don't leave it so long next time. xx

Taz said...

Yaaay! You're back. :D
You have been missed lady xxxx

Sandie said...

You're back and to prove it you're here!

Sandie xx

Olivia said...

Oh my what a sweet darling family and oh so happy your are back!
Big squishy hugs,

bad penny said...

Lovely lovely to hear from you & even better to read all your news . What a close knit family you are - how very special.

Loved your comment at mine !