Thursday, December 30, 2010

Horoscope 2011 PART TWO

Hello, my dear Bloggeroos and welcome to PART TWO of your FREE Horoscope for 2011.

If you missed part one, you can find it here carry on from where I left off..........


You will have a fantastic year for travel.

To minimise any delays, double check your reservations to avoid disappointment.



Fate delivers a nasty blow when you visit relatives. They do not make you very welcome and you will decide to cut short your visit.



You will be excited when a certain visitor agrees to pop in for Afternoon Tea.

Sadly, your joy will diminish when you realise that you sent the invitation to the wrong Time Dimension.

The First Dr Who



Your family will gladly support you when you decide to give up your Evening Cookery Course.

They are all happy to chip in for takeaways on a daily basis to save you the bother of cooking for them.



You decide that the time has come to finally de-clutter.

You may go missing for a few days, but you will eventually be found by the milkman.


and finally..........................


You will be spoiled for choice when you receive three marriage proposals from someone named "David"...........

David Tennant? a definite maybe.............

David Cassidy? Nah...!

David Essex?! He's still got 'it'!


I hope you will find your Horoscope accurate and that you find something positive to look forward to.

What star sign am I?

Capricorn of course!

I can't wait!!!!!!!!!!!


Don't miss my next post when you can read about my new ideas on Conspiracy Theories.

This has mainly come about since the Doctor has changed my medication and I received a very strange visitor.

It IS, of course, a COMPLETELY true story.
(very slow wink, tapping the side of my nose.)


Autumn Mist said...

Oh it's going to be a good 2011, I can just feel it in my bones!

BusyLizzie said...

Thank you for your comment on the blog.. yes, like you it has taken me a LONG time to sort through my fabric stash & make the tough decision to part with some really special pieces.... Lizzie (love my horoscope.. Virgo .. ouch!!)

Anonymous said...

David Essex? Nooooooo!
If HE is old old and grey, then so am I :-(

MelMel said...

Happy new year have a great one!xx

elegancemaison said...

Thank you for popping by to see me - I often think of you and how you're getting on behind the blog. Now, as for your Virgo horoscope it's spot on as my relatives are very prickly and that loo roll is no doubt waiting for me. Thanks for the warning. I shall be stocking up on Waitrose Cashmere tissue!

Hesta Nesta said...

Love David Essex!! Have a fantastic new Year Sue.
Jo xx

David Essex in Panto said...

Are you mad, woman? Don't you realise you're far too old and wrinkly for me. I love much younger ladies! Sheeesh - quit bothering me! Lots of love David Essex XXXX

elegancemaison said...

You have been fooled Sue. David is here beside me and says You are lovely, but I am lovelier. It's Panto time so take it on the chin. Especially as he is performing in a place not a 100 yards from where I was born.

BusyLizzie said...

Love the David Essex "link".. saw him at Bristol Colston Hall a few years ago.. bloomin brilliant he was too! xx

ted and bunny said...

"you were grown up at 5"'er a truer word!!
Thankyou dear Sue for your lovely message. I shall go and get MY meds changed asap!!
All love for a very happy year ahead. Bring it on!

Taz said...

I'm a Capricorn too :D
Sorted ;)
Happy New Year hon xx

Taz said...

Oh meant to say I'm too young for the last two so I'll take the Dr thank you :)

Pink Feather Paradise said...

Well I am a leo... so I had better get my passport out of mothballs and

have a super fantastic new Year... you deserve it ... x

angel said...

Well, my DT said he will not be leaving me for you so there. :P ......... you'll just have to make do with DE instead... ;) [nice... ewwww]