Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Losing Our Marbles?

As I've finished my packing in plenty of time before I jet off to my Spring Retreat - (Millionaires' Row Filey, Yorkshire,) I thought I'd just tap out this blogpost for you.

I won't be gone long and as soon as I get back, I will be giving an update on how I'm doing with my Coco Pops addiction.

Many of you will know of my BFF Carol. We have been friends since we were three years old.

Over the years we have got up to all sorts of pranks and scrapes.

The following tale is a prime example of our fearlessness, recklessness, and some may say, downright stupidity.

One particular day, we were in the school playground. We decided to play "Fairies". We each took our arms out of our cardigan sleeves, and fastened the top button.

We ran round flapping our arms gently, the sleeves acting as our "wings".

We got a bit bored at this point, so we looked around for a game to join in with.

First of all, we watched and wondered about joining in a game of 'kiss chase'.
This game had always been our favourite. There were already loads of girls chasing the boys.
We wouldn't get a look in, so it wasn't really an option.

So, we left them to it!

Then we saw a game of marbles going on. We wanted to join in, but Carol and I had no marbles.

We solved this problem by each of us retrieving from our pockets some brightly coloured gobstoppers we'd bought half an hour ago.

We had 3 each, enough to muscle in on the game.

For a while we got away with the substitution until it started to drizzle with rain, and the boys noticed that our 'marbles' were changing colour!

They shouted at us.......
"Booooooo, booooooooooo! Clear off!"

Then we saw some kids doing handstands.

It looked like fun but I wasn't too keen. Nevertheless, we both tucked our dresses under the leg elastic of our knickers to protect our modesty. I did the little hop and skip required on such occasions, but my nerves got the better of me, and I was unable to do it. As always, Carol managed to do two handstands!

My lifelong fear of Earth's gravity is a terrible thing!

Carol and I looked around us to see what else caught our fancy. We both spotted the tree at the same time and with great enthusiasm we announced in unison,


This was a brilliant idea, particularly as we still had our dresses tucked up into our knickers.

We started pulling at the lads who were in the tree, trying to 'persuade' them to get out of the tree and let us have a go.

They were trying to kick us away and shouting "Geroff!"

As I was pulling at one lad's jumper, Carol poked me with her elbow,

"Watch out! Now we're in trouble"

We saw the headmistress running over towards us.

Boy! was she angry.

"I can't believe my eyes!" She hissed at us.

"Carol and Susan, I presume?"

Carol and I stood there, head bowed, shuffling our feet and trying to avoid her gaze.

"Yes, Miss." we whispered in reply.

"Your reputation precedes you. I hear Miss Newton had to take you two to task only last week whilst I was at a Conference." She raved.

"Well?" she barked, "What have you got to say for yourselves?"

"Sorry, Miss." we chorused.

"Stand up straight the pair of you! I wish you would behave yourselves." she continued.

"Go home, now!"

Even though she had banished us, we showed little fear and walked towards the school gates, giggling.

She called after us...............


We stopped and turned round.

She shouted after us............................




bad penny said...

ooh I was back ther in the playground - playing kiss chase !

Autumn Mist said...

Hee hee, that's brought a smile to my face! At your age, honestly!

Sandie's Patch said...

Oooh that brings bsck memories!
I remember two friends and I used to dream up 'manouvres' for want of a better word for them. We used to squat, jump and stretch and because our names were Sandra, Brenda and Terina(not a spelling mistake by the way), we always called these manouvres ,'the SanBrenTer Star stretch or whatever it was! Original or what?
Perhaps I should have been in marketing, working for the likes of Saatchi and co? LOL!

Anonymous said...


Shirl x