Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Cath Kidston Giveaway! Free Tesco Bag!


I have now achieved my ambition of


By way of celebration and to thank all of my dear Bloggeroos, I have a great giveaway.


The bag is a Cath Kidston Tesco Bag in blue Ottoman Rose design.
They are highly prized by Cath Kidston fans and were sold in 2008/2009.

This one is unused and complete with tags.

To enter this free giveaway, all you need to do is leave a comment on this and any subsequent posts. (One comment on each post, please.)

The winner will be picked at random, and the closing date is midnight (British Summer Time) Wednesday 10th August.



Other news................

All our family had a lovely get together a few weeks ago at our usual venue complete with buffet and disco.

Toby is my great nephew, and he was a very good boy!

My youngest son Phil and his family came down from Darlington, and my niece Emily (Toby's aunty) and her family came up from Wiltshire.

(The family are VERY excited as Em, Scott and their boys are moving back to Lincoln in a couple of months.)

It was the first time the whole extended family had been together since Mum and Dad's 60th Wedding Anniversary in January.

It was also the first time some of us had met Emily's new baby, Jenson.



A few weeks ago, I left a comment on

Jayne is a very talented lady, and is well known to many of my fellow bloggers.

Jayne sent me some lovely handmade lavender bags - scrummy!

I am also happy to promote

13th August 2011, Rangeworthy Village Hall, BS37 7LZ

on her behalf.


On the domestic front...................

You may remember that I had a plumbing problem. This has now been addressed, but it did make quite a few further problems.

As you can imagine, this has kept me busy lately!

I have now decided to replace my 1980's peach bathroom suite, it's like this one..............

It was in the Dollytub Cottage when I moved in 6 years ago.

I am having a 1940's style suite as the house was built in 1948.

No-one who knows me can believe that I might actually............



At least my bed will now be a bit comfier.............

He! He! He!


School Holidays are now imminent, and I'm off up north to spend some time with two of my grandchildren.

I'll be back in a while.

Don't forget to leave a comment to be included in the Cath Kidston Bag Giveaway!


KC'sCourt! said...

Oooooooooh Yes please.
There is a giveaway and swap on my blog if you would like to join in......?
Julie xxxxxx

Autumn Mist said...

Yes please, count me in, it's a lovely bag. I'm glad to see your choice of bathroom suite will solve all your money problems!

bad penny said...

Have fun. I'm having my niece & her one year old to stay..... HELP !!!!!

Pink Feather Paradise said...

I love those bags... and im glad your bed might be a bit flatter with a bathroom makeover... love the vintage style suite... we are about to rip out our bathroom as we can hear a leak... but we cant see the leak...hmmm? however the bathroom has needed gutting since we moved in 4 years ago so I aught to thank the pixies that caused the leak... lol
I going to have to opt for a shower though instead of a bath as its the teeniest bathroom ever... but I am hopeful for tongue and groove on the walls... and a lovely soft sage green... 1940's house too and I can see some sage green under the old sink... ;D

have a super visit with your grand kids... xx

Karen said...

I love your blog - I love your fairs
I love your pictures - I love your wares
I love Kidston bags with roses galore
I'd have yours in my bedroom
to keep junk off the floor!

Sandie said...

Count me in me duck!
You know I love roses, they grow on true is that? If you eat Cadbury's Roses you 'grow'!

Sandie xx

A Blessed Life said...

Your post always makes me smile,I am looking forward to your bathroom project.I would love to enter the bag give away,I must get a Kath Kidson something eventually ,lol ...enjoy those sweet children

ted and bunny said...

oo oo oo me me me!

(do you no longer need the bag cos you've moved all those ££s under the matress?)

glad to hear the plumbing is being fixed- will save on the Tena Lady haha (hope I "know" you well enough to leave a comment like that)


Sandi said...

Wow, a Cath Kidson bag AND you are happy to post over the pond!!!!! You are a legend. I'm in thank you.
Glad the plumbing is fixed, but a new bathroom is even better. Have a great time with your grandkids, they are gems aren't they'
Hehe Tena lady comment from Elaine. xx Sandi


Ohy count me in on your giveaway, perfet for keep my fabric sraps in!


Monica Durham said...

Love the bag! I got one once when I lived in London but I can't find them here in the States.

Your bed gave me my daily giggle