Sunday, April 18, 2010

And Now for the Bad News.................

Some of you will remember that a few weeks ago, I wrote a post about my Best Friend Forever, Carol.

Now in our Fifties - we have been friends since we were three years old.

Most Thursdays I go round to Carol's house for lunch. We love each other's company and we always find something to laugh about.

After we've swapped family news, we enjoy a good old gossip.

Over the last few years, we have noticed just how much we are turning into our own Mothers.

Nothing illustrates the point more than the following conversation we had.

Sometimes we drive each other mad. The reason I exasperate Carol is because I remember everything; people we knew years ago, places we went, what we did, all down to the last detail.

Carol's memory is like most normal people, but I get frustrated when she doesn't remember things that I'm talking about. I will go to great lengths giving hints and tips until I unearth the memory.

Carol: What's new?

Me: D’ya remember that lass called Brenda that used to knock about with us at the Teenage Disco?

Carol: Errr, no.

Me: Yer doooooooooo! She had that sister, Barbara who would show the lads her knickers for a suck on their Juicy Jim.*
(*Juicy Jim was a pyramid shaped ice lolly.)

Carol:(thinking "Oh God, Here we go again") You always talk about people I don’t remember.

Me: Yer do know her. Her brother used to play in the cricket team. He walked with a limp.

Carol:(eyes glazing over) I still don’t know who yer on about.

Me: (with a little sigh) Their Aunty Joan worked in the Chippy - always wiping her nose on the sleeve of her cardy.

Carol: Nope - still no idea.

Me: (with a Big Sigh) Her husband used to go to the pub on his bike. We used to pinch it and ride it round while he was having a pint in the Wagon.

Carol: D’ya mean The Wagon and Horses Pub?

Me: (excitedly) Yesssss!

Carol: What about it?

Me: What?

Carol: What about the Wagon and Horses Pub?

Me: I'm not talking about the pub. D’ya remember that bike we used to pinch from outside?

Carol: Oh yeah.

Me: It belonged to that bloke who was married to Joan in the Chippy.

Carol: (nodding her head) Oh - I know who yer mean. Didn’t she always wipe her nose on the sleeve of her cardy

Me: Yessssss!

Carol: What about her?

Me: I’m not talking about Joan. D’ya recall her nephew who played cricket?

Carol: Oh yeah. Didn’t he have a limp?

Me: Yesssss!

Carol: What about him?

Me: I’m not talking about him. I’m talking about his sister.

Carol: Wasn’t she called Barbara and used to show the lads her knickers for a suck on their Juicy Jim?

Me: That's right! Well she also had a sister, Brenda. D’ya remember her?

Carol: (excitedly nodding her head) Oh, Brenda! I know who you mean, now.

What about her?



Me: Well, she’s dead.

Carol and me 1967, aged 11. (I'm the one with the monkey)

You can read my previous post about Carol here


KC'sCourt! said...

I had a conversation just like that recently! Poor girl still didn't know what I was on about - and neither did I by the end!

Jille said...

Thank you for making me laugh again!
Jill x

winnibriggs said...

O dear, when did you set up that camera in my house. Every Wednesday my friend (only since I was 10 though), but that is 50 years ago, comes to my house to sew, chat and generally put the world to rights. She is You, that is with a capital Y, and I am your friend. Never know who she's talking about and at our age most of them are dead!! Enjoy it while you can.

Taz said...

You could be my mother! LOL She is constantly trying to tell me about people who I have not the slightest clue who the heck they are LOL

RosieP said...

Another funny story, thank you

Hugs RosieP x

elegancemaison said...

Just relaxing after returning from my London trip to the V&A exhibitions and fell about (yet again) on reading your post. Actually as an airforce brat who moved home every two years, the nearest I had to a childhood BFF died a few years and 12000 miles away but she would have laughed too. And thank you for your comment re Grace Kelly - I will be posting about my visit tomorrow.Cx

Menopausal musing said...

Another air force brat who quite envies you having that length of friendship. A wonderful post.

ted and bunny said...

Helloo- thanks for your kind comments.
I just love your blog I'm really pleased I've found you too!

I had a similar (but shorter) conversation with someone not so long ago.
She couldn't recall anything that I remembered.
Alas she wasn't who I thought she was.
In fact I'd never met her before.

Back to the meds!

Anonymous said...


Shirl x

The Vintage Kitten said...

Hee Hee! X

crafty cat corner said...

Thank you for making me laugh, today is one of my tired days and your blog was fab. I know exactly what you mean, my husband is one of those people who remembers everything and I am the one with the selective memory (or senility Thanks again

Kelly said...

LOL!!! add

Southern Lady's Vintage said...

OH my word! LOL! I am rolling!