Monday, October 4, 2010

A Room with a View...................

The view from my bedroom window

Today, I'm going to go completely off-tangent.............

Yes! I know I still haven't recounted the tale about my Spanish Pub Fun Night

and..........I know I haven't answered any of your Problem Letters


I wrote a rough draft in my notebook for this blogpost a couple of months ago.

Unfortunately, I then mislaid said notebook.

Well, I was feeling a bit bored the other day and I was playing in the fluff under my bed and I found the missing notebook. Oh what rapturous joy! (I really should get out more)

I also found half of a very fluffy chocolate Wagon Wheel, one of my FOUR engagement rings, and Anthea Turner's DVD "Perfect Housewife"

(oh! so that's where it got to!) Stop laughing........

Okay, okay - I will get on with the blogpost!

The picture at the top is the beautiful view from my bedroom window. (Any other photo's today are pinched or borrowed.)

Even though I live on a housing estate, the houses around here were all built in 1948. All of the gardens are generously sized and well established. My room looks out over the back of the house, so all I see is the interrupted views of the neighbours' back gardens as they back onto each other.

Birds flock overhead, at certain times of the year, geese fly overhead.......

and even though I live about 40 miles from the coast, in cold weather the seagulls are regular visitors.

When I originally bought this place five years ago, I didn't notice the gorgeous view until I decided to move my bed to opposite the window. What a bonus!

The older I get, the longer it seems to take me to prepare myself for the day ahead.

So I sit in my bed, sipping endless cups of coffee, and making notes for myself.

I sit there for ages - just thinking! (If thinking were an Olympic Sport - I'd win a Gold medal!)

Also due to Fibromyalgia, occasionally I need to stay in bed for a day or two.

The view from the bedroom window is truly a great "Window on the World" for me.

It changes constantly, and even in bad weather it always holds the hidden promise of better days to come.

About a year after I moved in, I bumped into the previous owner.

She was very surprised, yet pleased that I still feel that this house is perfect for me.

I invited her back for coffee and showed her the jobs that have already been done around the house.

The poor lady was very unhappy when she lived here, and seemed to suffer from continuous bad luck. Her husband left her with three young children and she had trouble with noisy neighbours. (Who have since moved, thank goodness!)

When we got to the bedroom, I started to wax lyrical about the beautiful view.

With a look of disappointment on her face, and a tear in her eye, she said.....

"I lived here for two years, and I never ever noticed the lovely view."

I wanted to share this tale with you to illustrate that by not looking out of the 'right' window - we sometimes miss loads of good stuff that's going on right under our noses!

I hope you find a nice window today.


Nearly 50 and trying to be Frugal .... said...

Thant's nice story. You are right we often don't see what we have under our noses.
When I lie in bed, I see sky, that changes every day, tops of trees that are changing colour at the moment and sometimes in the far distance the trails left by planes.


bad penny said...

I'm in the Olympic team for nattering !
Beautiful view.

ted and bunny said...

you must be quite like me...too busy looking at the view to see whats REALLY under your nose- in your case under the bed, in my case on every available surface!
Still, the view is far nicer...and doesn't need dusting!
Have a lovely week

Sandi said...

What a find you had whilst rummaging under the bed. Have to agree with you, that we don't see what is under our noses. I started a 'Grateful' journal years ago and wrote in it every night what I was grateful for, it is a good way to 'see' what is under the nose. Love your view too. My former bedroom looked out onto the bush, it was beautiful, rain drops sparkling on spider webs.

Hugs Sandi xx

Pink Feather Paradise said...

Our bedroom window looks at hte house opposites thatched roof and sky... I do like it but secretly I covet my daughters view over the rolling hills... but for another 6 years till she's 18 got a job and left home (lol, yeah right!) I shall have to make do with my view!

lovely view and a very good post, glad you found that note book!


vintage mum said...

Draw hearts in the dust look at the beauty in the cobwebs.
I also have the dreaded fybro as an extra to my illness and need to see things in a different way.
Great story lovely view
Cate x

vintage mum said...

Draw hearts in the dust see the beauty in the cobwebs.

Lovely story and view

I have fybro as an extra to my illness it's a pain in the *****

Cate x